Answering Your Questions

Do we still have time to apply for next year? Can the school make any provision for our financial needs? Do colleges welcome your graduates? Is it really true that all the students wear uniforms and speak politely to each other?

Of course, apply by all means! We'll do our best. Totally. Yes, sir, they do.

What is the trivium?

The trivium is an age old, proven, Classical teaching model which incorporates children’s three natural stages of learning - Grammar, Logic and Rhetoric.

In the Grammar Stage, K-6 students learn the facts and rules of their subjects. The Logic Stage of grades 7-9, teaches knowledge with an understanding of what is learned. Lastly, the Rhetoric Stage educates students in grades 10-12 to articulate wisdom through concise verbal and written communication.

An excellent article regarding the Trivium is The Lost Tools of Learning by Dorothy Sayers.